Yuan USB Capture

Looking for an affordable USB 3.0 capture solution? Yuan is your answer. With its sleek minimalist design it will fit in nicely with your existing equipment or the perfect start to building your live streaming kit. It has a robust build quality with a very affordable price tag at under $400 for the HD versions and sub $600 for the 4K HDMI version.

External capture devices are great for simple 1 or 2 camera productions or if you need an extra input to your production, we have them in all our kits as both a back up and on occasion if we need to get an additional input in without having to worry about upgrading our capture cards.

vMix have the Yuan USB capture devices listed on their supported hardware page which is another tick in the tried and tested box for these devices.

Available in HDMI, SDI and HDMI 4K

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the Yuan USB Capture devices - these are in stock ready to go!

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