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Yuan PD570 Pro Capture HDMI 4k
Yuan PD570 Pro Capture HDMI 4k Rear
Yuan PD570 Pro Capture HDMI 4k Front

Yuan PD570 Pro Capture HDMI 4k

$350.00 $699.00
  • Vendor: Yuan
  • Product Type: Capture & Playback

A budget 4K HD HDMI to USBC with the same warranty and reliability of Inogeni and Magewell. Highly recommended and a Yuan is in every streaming kit our producers travel with.

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The PD570 PRO HDMI 4K to USB 3.0 from YUAN allows you to capture a single HDMI 4K stream over USB 3.0 on your computer. It can handle 4096 × 2160p resolutions @ 60/50fps. The capture box comes with software compression and real-time recording modes.

Max. Input Resolution 4096×2160p@60/50fps
Recording Mode Software Compression, Real-Time Mode
Interface USB3.0 Type C ( SuperSpeed ) UVC
Video Input 1×HDMI2.0
Video RAW Data Format YUY2, P010 ( Support on outputs below 1080P60 )
NV12, I420 ( Supports on all outputs )
Video Input Resolution USB3.0 Support Resolution
All Resolution Below
( 444 10Bit HDR )
Recording Video Format YUY2, P010, NV12, I420 ( USB 3.0 )
UVC Video Output Resolution USB3.0 Support Resolution
4096×2160p@60 / 50fps and 3840×2160p@60 / 50fps inputs will transfer to
3840×2160p@30fps ( NV12, I420 ) or 1920×1080p@60fps ( YUY2, P010 )
For all inputs below 3840×2160p@30fps, PD570C PRO HDMI2.0 HDR outputs will be the same
Audio Input HDMI Embedded Audio
3.5mm Analog Stereo Audio
UAC Audio Output Format Stereo / 16-bit / 48000Hz
OS Support Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
Windows 10 ( 32-bit and 64-bit )
Linux / MAC OS / Android
Specifications correct at time of publication