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Teradek Bonded Hire Streaming

Teradek - Mission Critical Live Video and Data

Teradek Bonded streaming utilises multiple Cellular connections and effortlessly balances the load between them all to give you a reliable live stream. All Teradek Hires come turnkey with 24/7 support.

Core - Bringing it all together

Required for Bond, Core is a complete IP video management ecosystem in the cloud. When you stream over bonded network connections, a server running demuxing software is required to turn the data back into a recognizable format. For Teradek, this is a Sputnik server, which is built into the Core platform. Turn-key - Everything Included:

  • All equipment and data packs for HD streaming
  • Content Delivery Network with white label player and embed code
  • Unlimited viewers in HD
  • Return Delivery
  • 24/7 Support

The Teradek Link Pro range offers an all-in-one complete Bonding Solution for all network traffic - giving your crew access to reliable internet at around 70/70 with its powerful WiFi capabilities.

Bonded Streaming Hire (8)

Teradek VidiU Go - HIRE


Teradek Bond II AVC - HIRE


Teradek Bond 3 HEVC - HIRE


Teradek Bond 3 Backpack AVC - HIRE


Teradek Bond 3 Backpack HEVC - HIRE


Teradek Link Pro - Hire


Teradek Link Pro Backpack - HIRE


StarLink Satellite - Hire