Mevo Start to Finish

Mevo have just released details of their latest live streaming camera the Mevo Start. It's a teeny tiny (ok maybe not that small but it will fit into the palm of your hand) HD camera designed with events in mind - boasting superior audio capabilities including the ability to plug external microphones via a 3.5mm port, low light capabilities and a 4-hour battery life.

The smartphone app allows the fine tuning of sharpness, white balance, exposure value (EV) correction, contrast, brightness as well as filter options, anti-flicker, saturation and image-flip. The app also allows streaming to multiple destination such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch as well as RTMP destinations.

The HDR sensor provides 1080p streaming capability as well as impressive low light capabilities. It also has SD card functionality allowing you to record you event for use at a later time as well as live streaming.

We are yet to see it in the flesh but we are looking forward to getting our hands on one and testing it out.

The Mevo Start is expected to be available May 2020 so we are hoping we will be able to get out hands on them soon after but we will keep you posted.

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