Issue with YouTube API - Resolved

RESOLVED: January 21, 2020
Teradek has confirmed that the YouTube Live integration for hardware encoders, apps, and cloud services (Core and Sharelink) has been restored by Google.

It is no longer necessary to use the manual RTMP method for streaming to YouTube Live.

14 January 2020

Teradek are working on a known issue between their transmitters and the YouTube API.

The issue lies on Google's end - an update from Teradek as of January 9th 2020 below.

  • Teradek is still waiting for Google to approve and restore the YouTube Live integration through Google's approval process.
  • Teradek has not received any ETA from Google on when the integration will be approved.

Thankfully, there is a work around, utilising your encoder's RTMP functionality - We believe this is the better option, as you can monitor your incoming stream health, test your stream and go live at a specific point.

The Streaming Guys will keep you up to date.

More from the team at Teradek here.


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