A New Year A New Podcast

Ever considered podcasting but thought that's too hard?

The RØDECaster Pro changes all of that - it is your secret weapon in getting your podcast idea up and running. It allows you to have up to 4 XLR mic inputs plus a phone input either via bluetooth or a TRRS cable. You can record up to 8 sound effects and load them onto the RØDECaster Pro ready for easy insertion into your podcast.

We have put together a variety of different bundles to suit almost everyone's podcasting requirements. From solo podcasters to two-mic set ups to the full shebang with 4 mics and stands.

The sound quality you get from the RØDECaster Pro is second to none and provides you with a wide range of controls to ensure you're getting the sound you are after.

Got any questions? No worries feel free to get in touch

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