Vidiu GO - 5 Reasons Why

Teradek recently added the Vidiu GO to their range of streaming encoders and it's a pumped up version of the VidiU Pro (which is still available by the way but we don't know for how much longer).

Courtesy of Teradek (thanks for helping us educate our customers about your kind of you!) here's their 5 top reasons why the Vidiu GO is the way to go:

1. Stream Reliably, Wherever You Need To Be

The Vidiu GO takes advantage of network bonding where you utilise the power of a number of different internet connections to boost your signal. You can use a combination of 4G LTE USB modems, ethernet and WiFi giving you redundancy and alleviating any potential network issues meaning you can go live from places that were previously out of reach. A subscription to Core is required for Bonding FYI.

2. Do More in the Cloud

Core is an optional platform from Teradek that acts as the infrastructure for many additional streaming features such as:

  • Multi-destination streaming
  • Transcoding
  • Bonding
  • Monitoring
  • Remote Configuration

Learn more about core over at

3. Reach More Audiences

With the power of Core you can go more places at the click of a button whether that be multiple Facebook pages, YouTube or anywhere that utilises RTMP. Each of the destinations can be controlled individually meaning you can start and stop each as required.

4. Works On Your Camera or Switcher

The Vidiu GO's dual SDI/HDMI input gives it the ability to be used out in the field or in the studio - connect direct to your camera or to your switcher to provide greater versatility.

5. Ready To Go Live Instantly 

Need to go live in a flash? No problemo the Vidiu Go can boot up in as little as 10 seconds giving you extra time to ensure your shot is perfecto! It also has an app that allows you to adjust its settings and monitor everything on the GO.

Check out the Vidiu GO at The Streaming Guys. Any questions feel free to reach out.

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