USB Microphone Connectivity Enhancements with RØDECaster


The RØDECaster series has always been at the forefront of podcasting innovation, offering users unparalleled flexibility and quality in their recordings. With the latest update, the RØDECaster Pro II and RØDECaster Duo have expanded their capabilities even further by introducing USB microphone connectivity. This game-changing feature allows you to connect up to five microphones to the RØDECaster Pro II and three to the RØDECaster Duo, significantly enhancing the versatility for podcast productions, especially when recording larger groups.

Unprecedented USB Microphone Integration

Unlike traditional audio interfaces, the RØDECaster series uniquely 'hosts' USB microphones, a feature currently unmatched in the audio interface market. This means you can directly connect most current RØDE USB microphones, such as the PodMic USB, NT-USB+, NT-USB Mini, VideoMic NTG, VideoMic GO II, XCM-50, and XDM-100, to the RØDECaster's USB 2 port using a standard USB cable. Once connected, simply assign USB 2 to the desired fader for precise control over mic levels.

Zero-Latency Monitoring and Advanced Digital Signal Processing

To ensure zero latency during monitoring, it's recommended to utilize the on-board headphone output of your USB microphone. This setup mirrors the direct monitoring experience you'd get when connected to a computer, offering real-time feedback without delay. Furthermore, this integration grants access to the full range of digital signal processing capabilities of your microphone, including RØDE's suite of processors found in RØDE Central, RØDE Connect, or UNIFY. This means users can apply effects like Depth, Sparkle, and Punch, alongside more sophisticated processing options, directly through the RØDECaster.

Enhanced Flexibility in Microphone Selection

This update not only adds flexibility in terms of microphone connectivity (allowing for a mix of XLR, wireless, and now USB microphones) but also underscores the RØDECaster series' commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for podcasters of all levels. Whether you're hosting a solo show or a roundtable discussion with multiple guests, the ability to integrate various types of microphones seamlessly ensures that your podcast production can adapt to any scenario.

SMART Pad Customisation and Additional Features

The update extends beyond microphone connectivity; the RØDECaster's SMART pads have received significant enhancements. Users can now fine-tune the volume of sounds assigned to each pad with a new trim control, allowing for individual sound level adjustments. Additionally, a depth control for the 'ducking' mixer action has been introduced, enabling precise control over the gain reduction applied to other channels, ensuring the host's voice remains prominent over guests.

The update also includes full compatibility with the Wireless PRO, offering adjustments to GainAssist settings directly from the RØDECaster, alongside numerous system enhancements and optimizations aimed at improving stability and user experience.

The latest RØDECaster update represents a significant leap forward in making podcasting more accessible, flexible, and high-quality. By embracing USB microphone connectivity, RØDECaster users can now enjoy an even broader range of microphone options, coupled with advanced features and enhancements that simplify the podcasting process. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just starting, the RØDECaster series continues to provide innovative solutions to elevate your podcast production to professional levels.