INOGENI's TOGGLE ROOMS Triumphs at ISE 2024 with Double Awards

INOGENI's innovative solution, TOGGLE ROOMS, has made a significant impact at ISE 2024, securing two prestigious Best of Show awards from AV Technology and Sound & Video Contractor magazines. This recognition comes from anonymous AV expert panels, underscoring the groundbreaking nature of TOGGLE ROOMS in the AV industry.

A New Era of Collaboration with TOGGLE ROOMS 4k BYOD/BYOM

TOGGLE ROOMS is a dynamic 2 PCs switcher, designed to seamlessly transition USB/HDMI peripherals between Room PCs and laptops. It's compatible with various ROOM PC systems and devices from major brands like Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, Lenovo, Crestron, MAXHUB, Logitech, Poly, and Jabra, showcasing its versatility across multiple platforms.


The dual awards at ISE 2024 highlight TOGGLE ROOMS as a key player in enhancing collaborative efforts, offering a fast and seamless solution for technology integration in meeting spaces. It simplifies the user experience, allowing participants to focus on the meeting content rather than the technology.