Lumens logo with camera

PTZ Cameras (pan / tilt / zoom) cameras are those that can be controlled remotely to.... you guessed it: pan, tilt or zoom. Popular uses for these cameras include conferences, surveillance, lecture captures, broadcast services plus many more.

The Streaming Guys have the full range available of Lumens PTZ cameras and accessories. These cameras are a great alternative to the ultra expensive Sony and Panasonic versions whilst still delivering a high quality product with high quality imaging.

Zoom options range from 5x optical zoom up to 20x optical zoom with horizontal panning range up to 340° and tilting angle up to 90°

Lumens PTZ Cameras were used during recent political speeches and marches in Belgium where they were remotely controlled behind the scenes and broadcast live onto large screens to the tens of thousands of people in attendance. A good read to see one of many application for these little gems.

Read the case study and checkout the Lumens products