Livestream Movi with smartphone playing video

The Streaming Guys will be the first in Australia to receive stock of the Movi and we are taking pre orders now!

The Livestream Movi is the latest gadget in live video streaming and video producing not because it is necessarily the best compact camera around but because of its software functionality. In essence you can create a 'multi-camera' looking event with this one little camera. And when we say little we are talking 63mm in height, 50mm in width and a teeny tiny 130g of weight. But back to the coolness of its functionality, the Movi when paired with the 'producer' app (only available in iOS at this stage) can provide multi-angle footage.

As the camera has a 4K sensor you can zoom in and pan to different areas of the footage to create what looks like multi camera pictures but in reality you are using vision from the one camera. So how can you zoom in and pan? Using the 'producer' app you can draw a bounding box around where you want the footage to focus on, you can set it to automatically detect faces or points of interest (automatic voice detection is apparently coming but won't be ready in the inital release - so you can automatically cut to whoever is talking - pretty cool!) or you can zoom in with a pinch and drag.

All of this can be done with the rechargeable built-in battery which lasts up to one hour or there will be optional accessories available such as the Boost pack which is a fast charging power pack that provides up to 10 hours of filiming and also provides weather proofing allowing you to shoot indoor or outdoor in all weather conditions.

Even if you're not into live streaming you can record to the microUSB and either edit on the fly or later on.

If this little gem interests you then please get in touch asap so you can secure your camera during the pre order phase as even though these are due in April 2016 if you wait until then to order you will no doubt be waiting months before backorders are cleared so get in quick!

Be sure to check out our product page and if you are interested - please let us know to register your interest.

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