Just Announced - Vidiu Go

The latest Vidiu is coming and it’s the Vidiu Go. The Teradek Vidiu Go has just been released at NAB in Vegas and it is awesome! The Vidiu Go harnesses the latest technology of HEVC to give you the best quality video compression available but never fear H.264 is also available on the Go.

The Go allows Bonded streaming by combining the built in wifi with either the gigabit ethernet port or the two USB ports, which are made for use with Teradek’s Node modems (optional) - these are yet to be available in Australia but we hear they are coming soon!

The Vidiu Go is a consumer end product but it can easily be used by the professional and amateur alike however we still recommend the Teradek Bond for professional live streams. Despite this the Vidiu Go would be a great complimentary system to have in your kit. With both SDI and HDMI connections the Vidiu Go is highly versatile and will meet the needs of a broad range of live streamers. Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and many more can all be streamed to using the Go plus you can take it even further by using Teradek’s Core or Sharelink services. The Vidiu Go is also compatible with the Live:Air Action and Vidiu app’s.

With shipping due May 2018 we will be sure to keep you updated when it’s available here in Australia.

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