1/2 Price Titler Live

The Streaming Guys are proud to be partnering with NewBlue to offer their Titler Live graphic packages at a massive discount of 50% off with the purchase of any ATEM Mini product - this discount also applies to any existing customer who have purchased an ATEM Mini from us - just reach out.

The NewBlue Titler Live packages include PresentSocial and Sport tailored to a variety of end users. Titler Live allows users to create broadcast quality real time graphics, titling and animations for any type of live event quickly and seamlessly. The integration with the Blackmagic ATEM Mini range is beautiful and super easy to set up allowing anyone with an ATEM Mini to incorporate professional graphics and animations into their live stream.

NewBlue Titler Live allows you to take your live stream to the next level by incorporating professional, custom graphics.

Also available from NewBlue is the live streaming software VividCast - also available at a 50% Discount with the purchase of any ATEM Mini product.

Contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of this exciting offer.

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