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NewBlue Titler Live 5 Sport

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  • Product Type: Software

Streamline your live productions

The Titler Live 5 family of products delivers affordable, broadcast-quality graphics and video overlays for television stations, sporting events, businesses, classrooms, event production studios, religious gatherings, town halls, virtual meetings, and more.

New Features to Titler Live 5 include:

Google Sheets controller
Easily transfer data to live graphics in TL. Google Sheets controller allows for unprecedented collaborative cloud-based control overspreadsheet data by directly accessing your spreadsheets in Google Drive.

Google Slides controller
Transform any Google Slides deck to a dynamic, live graphic. This feature allows you to access your web-hosted slides directly in TL,utilizing TL’s transitions and animations.

Microsoft Excel controller
Microsoft controller allows for unprecedented collaborative cloud-based control over spreadsheet data by directly accessing yourspreadsheets in Sharepoint.

Support for Media Clips
Many graphics productions need to be able to play video clips, audio clips, and still images. This feature includes options to loop, set inand out points, sequence, solo playback, and set the volume level.

Multi Data Editing
Multi data editing provides a straightforward and fast method to directly input and store multiple variations of data-sets for each of yourgraphics (such as a lower third) directly in-app. This feature eliminates the need to use external spreadsheets to drive graphics with multiple data-sets and provides a flexible and clean solution to empower users to create more dynamic broadcasts.

Full range of Video Sources
In addition to NDI, you can now input video from other available devices, including system webcams, screen capture, and Blackmagic DeckLink. Live video inputs can be accessed and controlled from the playlist, just like media clips and titles.

Object Following
In many contemporary design styles, text boxes fit closely around text. Object Following automatically scales or moves your design elements according to other elements, such as the length/size of a text string.

Rolling Credits
The rolling credits feature generates smooth credit rolls with minimal setup. This erases the challenge of creating rolling credits without a flicker.

Cache Preview in Title Designer
Cache preview allows you to view titles exactly as they will play-out from inside the Title Designer. This feature is especially useful forNTX playback features, such as loops and crawls, which previously couldn’t be previewed in the Title Designer.

PTZ Cameras
Use PTZ Cameras as live video sources. Functionality includes basic camera control from within TL5, and the ability to save camerapresets.

Executive collection
The Executive Collection is a new graphics template pack, which is designed for use in corporate spaces. This collection includes maintitles, lower-thirds, and other graphics that are applicable to any production.

Graphics Library Refresh
Overhaul of all existing graphics families in TL5. Adds over 100+ graphics along with many graphics reworks.

    Streamline your workflows

    Titler Live 5 Sport delivers new workflows and controls to help you get started quickly and easily make changes on the fly. Flexibly design, set up, and playout your graphics in one complete solution.


    Drag and drop included design templates onto your playlist or import your own designs from Adobe® Photoshop®. Flexibly edit text, colour and images right in the Edit/Preview window.


    Easily connect data to your graphics to streamline your set up. Drag and drop data inputs or variables onto any part of a design to repurpose it as you need. Even connect multiple inputs to a design.

    Go live

    Experience faster playout with an enhanced render engine. Quickly make animated updates to your graphics on the fly. Deliver one live graphic on a single channel.

    Serial Number will be provided within 24 hours of purchase via email.

    Learn more about NewBlue Titler Live 5 Sport over at the NewBlue website.