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RODE Interview GO
RODE Interview GO Back
RODE Interview GO Front
RODE Interview GO Windshield
RODE Interview GO Mounted

RØDE Interview GO

  • Vendor: RODE
  • Product Type: Audio

Turn your RODE Wireless GO Transmitter into a handheld microphone with the RODE Interview GO. Once the transmitter is slotted snugly into the Wireless GO's cradle, the adapter will give you the sound and appearance of a handheld microphone.

The Interview GO comprises an adapter and a windshield. Simply slip your Wireless GO transmitter into the adapter, and fit the windshield over the transmitter. Use this adapter in any situation where your Wireless GO would benefit from the look and easy functionality of a handheld microphone, such as on-camera interviews, walking a convention floor, and other ENG scenarios.


  • Adaptor for Wireless GO transmitter
  • Quickly covert your Wireless GO into a handheld mic
  • Holds Wireless GO securely in place
  • Perfect for reporting to camera or field interviewing
  • Includes high-density windshield

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