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Prompt-it Teleprompter Flex with camera
Prompt-it Teleprompter Flex camera configuration
Prompt-it Teleprompter Flex - audience configuration
Prompt-it Teleprompter Flex
Prompt-it Teleprompter Flex with stand
Prompt-it Teleprompter Flex glass
Prompt-it Teleprompter Flex clamp
Prompt-it Teleprompter Flex - audience configuration
Prompt-it Teleprompter Flex Case
Prompt-it Teleprompter Flex - Case open

Prompt-it Teleprompter Flex

  • Vendor: Prompt-it
  • Product Type: Teleprompters

2-in-1 Teleprompter: on-stage or on-camera

Set up the Prompt-it® Flex on a stage, in front of your audience. Or set it up in front of your camera, to record yourself or your actor/talent.

Benefits of using prompt-it® FLEX

  • Comfortable reading even from as far as 10 metres away
  • Beamsplitter glass with silver coating (same as TV studios). Ensures crisp, highly contrasted and readable text
  • Large glass will fit any professional or consumer camera (with a slight zoom in some cases) tested with 17mm prime lens
  • Can be set up on any type of tripod, light stand or mic stand (FLEX fits any stand with a 1/4″ screw)
  • Comes with smart (magnetic) glare cover with smarphone holder
  • Portable – the convenient travel case; makes it easy to transport in your kit
  • Set up in under 2 minutes, no tools (not even a screwdriver)
  • Universal design allows a comfortable fit for larger tablets such as iPad Pro 12.9 and Surface Pro.

Prompt-it® FLEX is exceptional in beamsplitter glass quality and durability. Our specialised production technique means you get better, sturdier, higher-quality glass than other manufacturers. With a thickness of 3mm (most teleprompters in the market come with 2mm thickness or less) the beamsplitter glass has a thin-film optical coating on one side that reflects and transmits light waves that fall upon it at a specific ratio of 70% light transmission and 30% reflection (70T/30R).

In The Box:

  • Travel Case
  • Base
  • Beamsplitter Glass
  • Anodised Aluminium Clamp with 1/4 and 3/6 threaded holes.
  • Beamsplitter Clamp Holder
  • Beamsplitter Glass Protective Sleeve
  • Smart Glare Cover
  • Beamsplitter Glass Cleaning Kit