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Magewell USB Capture SDI - Gen 2 top
Magewell USB Capture SDI - Gen 2
Magewell USB Capture SDI - Gen 2 hero shot
Magewell USB CAPTURE SDI Gen 2 - Input
Magewell USB CAPTURE SDI Gen 2 - SDI Input
Magewell USB Capture SDI - Gen 2 with connections
  • SKU: 320700000

Magewell USB Capture SDI - Gen 2

  • Vendor: Magewell
  • Product Type: Capture & Playback

Videoconference with Skype or Stream Live to Facebook Live with Wirecast or Livestream Studio on your laptop with this simple device.

Supporting resolutions up to 1080p, the Magewell USB Capture SDI Dongle can send full HD video to your computer for recording or streaming. It has a micro-coaxial input which can be converted to a standard BNC port with a separately available adapter. Through this port the USB Capture SDI will accept SD, HD, and 3G-SDI signals. If you need to stream or record at a certain resolution, regardless of the input, the USB Capture SDI will internally up or down-covert the input signal to the set resolution. It can also perform frame-rate conversion and de-interlacing in real-time with its own hardware, taking the processing load off of your computer's CPU.

Get the most of your Magewell device with these software driver utilities from Magewell.

Because the Magewell USB Capture SDI uses the existing drivers on your computer, the capture device will work with any software that supports those drivers. If you don't have a USB 3.0 port available, the USB Capture SDI will work with a USB 2.0 port, although the resolution and frame rate capabilities will be reduced due to the restricted bandwidth.

  • No drivers needed for Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Automatically determines input video format and converts it to the specified output size and frame rate
  • Automatically converts input audio formats to 48KHz PCM stereo audio
  • 64MB of DDR2 onboard memory to control frame buffer and avoid interruption or dropped frames when USB bandwidth is occupied

For more information on the Magewell USB Capture SDI - Gen 2, check out the Magewell website.

Host Interface USB3.0, *300-350MB/s throughput
USB2.0, *40MB/s throughput
Input Interface 1 MCX interface (can convert to BNC interface)
SDI Input 1 1080p/60Hz SD/HD/3G-SDI
SDI Audio Input 1 embedded SDI audio
SDI Input Formats SD/HD/3G-SDI, SMPTE-259 / 274 / 296 / 372 / 424 / 425 / 292
Output Formats Resolution: 640×480 / 640×360 / 720×480 / 720×576 / 768×576 / 856×480 / 960×540 / 1024×576 / 1280×720 / 1920×1080
Frame rate: 25 / 29.97 / 30 / 50 / 59.94 /60 fps
Video Sampling Rate SDI: 270Mb/s, 1.485Gb/s, 2.97Gb/s
Audio and Video Capture It meets the standards of UVC (USB video class) and UAC (USB audio class)
Output Color Space YUY2, RGB24
Color Space Conversion Hardware Color Space Conversion
Up/down Scaling Hardware Up/down Scaling
Image Adjustment The image adjustment of brightness, contrast, hue, saturation.
OS Compatibility Windows 7/8/8.1/10/2008/2008 R2/2012 (x86 & x64)
Linux (based on V4L2 , supports x86, x64 & arm architecture)
OS X (10.8 and above)
Software Compatibility Windows Media Encoder (Windows)
Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (Windows, OS X)
Real Producer Plus (Windows)
VLC (Windows, OS X, Linux)
QuickTime Broadcaster (OS X)
QuickTime Player (OS X)
Wirecast (Windows, OS X) and etc.
Development Interface Compatibility DirectShow (Windows), DirectSound (Windows), V4L2 (Linux), ALSA (Linux)
Onboard Memory 64MB DDR2, the work rate is 300 MHz, the bit width is 16 bits
Upgrade Firmware can be upgraded
Size 92.2 x 40.2 x 12.3 (L/W/H, mm)
Power Consumption <= 2.5W
Working Temperature 0-50 deg C
Storage Temperature -20-70 deg C
Storage Humidity 5%-90%

*Specifications correct at time of publication