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Avencore 1m HDMI Cable

  • Vendor: Avencore
  • Product Type: Cables

A short and compact 1m HDMI Cable for the astute buyer looking for a quality cable. The Avencore Platinum Series HDMI lead brings you all the latest features you'd expect from a quality High Speed + Ethernet HDMI cable, delivered with the the looks of a super-model. Anodised plug grips and Nylon-over-PVC jacketing make for a hard-wearing cable, while quality internal materials guarantee compatibility with all the latest HDMI v2.0 hardware.

  • 4K UHD Platinum Series
  • High Speed with Ethernet

Pairing the latest HDMI v2.0 hardware with an Avencore Platinum Series HDMI cable will deliver the ultimate in Ultra High-Definition video and multi-channel audio. Features like HDR, 32 Channel Audio, 3D and Dual View streaming are all possible, along with all the previous HDMI abilities such as ARC, CEC, Deep colour and more. 4K UHD at 60Hz is also a snap!

The cable itself features a moulded plug barrel and extruded anodised aluminium shell for a mighty balance of strength and style. Nylon braiding covers a PVC jacket for extra protection in all installation types, while Gold plated contacts help prevent corrosion and ensure a strong signal.

Great in any home theatre as well as offices and light commercial settings, the Avencore Platinum Series HDMI cable works with all HDMI hardware versions and all source and display types, including Blu-ray players, media streaming devices, computers, laptops, games consoles, televisions, projectors and many more.