Wirecast 14.2 Now Available

Wirecast 14.2 is here! And if you purchased anytime after 28/4/2020 it's a FREE update.

Below is a quick look at some of the highlights:

  • Apple Universal Support
    • Wirecast is now optimized to run natively on Apple Silicon
  • Shot Templates
    • Shot templates can be a huge time saver! Use Shot Templates to easily add a pre-configured shot layout to your document. Use our default Shot templates, or create your own customised Shot Templates!
  • Placeholders
    • Assign cameras or sources to Placeholders to quickly add a source to any number of shots. 
  • Secondary Display Output
    • This is a Wirecast Pro feature that lets you send the live program feed to another monitor or display. Unlike Multi-viewer, which is meant for monitoring your feeds or your live/preview screens, Secondary Display Live Output is frame accurate program out, without the need for special hardware.
  • Lock Shot Icon
    • This is handy feature if you have a PTZ camera with several shots for preset camera angles. This feature allows you to take a snapshot of your camera angle and lock that as your shot icon, making it easier to see which shot has which preset assigned to it.
  • Shot ISO Indicator
    • Shows a tally indicator on the top right corner of shots that are currently being ISO recorded.
  • Sony X-series PTZ Control
    • A new Sony X-Series VISCA/UDP protocol profile is now available in the PTZ controller. This lets you pan, zoom and tilt your Sony X-Series camera with the built-in PTZ controller in Wirecast.
  • LinkedIn Live Auto Captions
    • Make your LinkedIn Live broadcasts more accessible by adding auto-generated captions to any LinkedIn Live video. 
  • Blackmagic Input Selector
    • This new option lets you select the type of video/audio input connection (HDMI/SDI) used for incoming Blackmagic Designs sources . This helps ensure you have the right connection chosen, to reduce errors in your incoming sources.
  • Audio in Webpage source
    • You now have the ability to adjust audio from a Web Page source as well as stream it out as part of your broadcast.

You can purchase your copy of Wirecast right here at The Streaming Guys

 Check out all the feature updates and fixes over at the Telestream website.