New PTZOptics Move 4K range

Live streaming has become a popular way to reach a global audience and communicate with them in real-time. However, the quality of the video can often be a significant concern. To address this issue, PTZOptics has released the Move 4K range, a new standard for PTZ cameras that promises to revolutionize the way we produce live streaming videos.

The Move 4K range is designed to provide intelligent video production workflow by offering auto-tracking capabilities, which can lock onto a specific person, even while other people are in the frame. The camera can track subjects up to 300 feet away and switch between on-stage presenters with the click of a button. This frees teams from the need for a camera operator, making it an ideal solution for productions with limited resources.

The Move 4K range features 4K at 60fps, future-proofing your technology investment while still accommodating HD and Full HD video resolutions equipment. It offers high performance in low-light scenarios, PoE+ capabilities, and a built-in tally light. With 12x, 20x, and 30x optical zoom available, the Move 4K can fit seamlessly into any production scenario. It also features SDI, HDMI, USB, and IP output, and comes native with NDI®|HX for unparalleled performance and versatility.

PTZOptics Move 4K range also offers discreet mounting options, allowing users to mount the camera above, below, or beside the action to capture the ideal view every time. The new automatic video inversion feature senses the camera’s orientation, saving time on installation and setup. The range also provides various control options, enabling users to control the Move 4K camera using video production software such as OBS, Livestream Studio, Wirecast, vMix, mimoLive, or Tricaster. Alternatively, users can also use one of PTZOptics' hardware joystick controllers, such as their IP joystick, serial joystick, or the SuperJoy.

PTZOptics offers free software for PTZOptics camera users, such as NewBlueFX Titler Live 5 Present, which can be used to create stunning graphics and data visualizations in minutes or control the PTZOptics camera from anywhere on the network. The Move 4K range comes with a 5-year limited parts and labor warranty, ensuring users' investment is protected.

In conclusion, PTZOptics Move 4K range is an excellent solution for anyone looking to produce high-quality live streaming videos with ease. Its auto-tracking capabilities, 4K at 60fps, and discreet mounting options make it an ideal choice for any production scenario. With its numerous control options, including the option to control the camera remotely from anywhere in the world, it is a versatile tool that can fit any workflow. The inclusion of free software for PTZOptics camera users and a 5-year limited parts and labor warranty further underscores the Move 4K range's value and reliability.