Matt & Mike

The Matt and Mike Show (Matt Hollywood and Mike Goldman) went live to Facebook Live last night as the world's first variety shot to be broadcast to Facebook. It is yet another example of what you can achieve when you pair the power of live video and Facebook.

The streaming equipment used was supplied by The Streaming Guys and we are proud to be a supporter of the Matt and Mike Show. With over 6000 views for their first episode (so far) it was a great show with lots of prizes for both the online audience and the studio audience.

Facebook Live gives you another channel to reach your audience, many businesses are getting on board with live video streaming and streaming to Facebook is a great add on to normal live video streaming or just as powerful as a stand alone option. 

If you too have an idea for an online video production - give it a go! There are plenty of affordable options available to help you produce professional content. Below is some of the equipment that will get your video onto Facebook:

Plus some Software options:

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