2 Teradek VidiU Mini with 3 tablets

This is very exciting news! Teradek have announced the new Teradek Vidiu Mini with some fantastic features. The Brand New product was announced from Teradek this morning.

This unit relies on the 4G connection of your iPhone, iPad or WiFi hotspot and is extremely easy to use to get professional streaming results. The biggest news however is a matching App that allows you to use your iPad to place lower thirds, sports scores and mix in pre-shot video from your iPad on the go.

A great example would be a footy game with a few interviews shot and stored on the iPad prior to the game. Start streaming with your iPad, add scores, cross dissolve to the interviews at half time, place a few sponsors messages on to the video with the lower thirds and then dissolve back to the live vision when the ball is bounced.

They should be shipping as of March 1st and we should see stock shortly afterwards. You can pre-order yours today.

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