Streamstar streaming gear in action

Streamstar has been increasing in popularity over the past few years for use in sporting events particulrly in Europe given their European base this is hardly suprising. Its slow motion replay option is one of its major selling points which is why it is regularly used for professional sporting events arond the world - big and small. Some of the more high profile events include UEFA Champions League, IHL Hockey World Cup and Lega Pro Football league.

Streamstar given its high quality replay system designed for sporting events is a viable option to the Livestream HD550 and the vMix Go units so if you are looking for a streaming solution for live sporting events with replay function get in touch with us

streamstar streaming gear

Some of Streamstar's features include:

  • HD-SDI, HDMI, IP video stream inputs
  • Replays with Slow motion on all cams
  • Dynamic Camera Angle Switching in replays
  • Instant Replays Playlists
  • Variable replay playback speed
  • ISO rcording of all inputs
  • Full HD PGM recording

You can read more about Streamstar's implementation into live video streaming production providers to professional sporting events troughout Europe.

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