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On Sunday, Red Bull Cape Fear was streamed to almost 1 million viewers from Cape Solander, Sydney using the Teradek Bond encoder transmitter. The multi-million dollar production with over 14 cameras, the worlds best big wave riders and a remote location was streamed to the Red Bull TV Akamai network with the Teradek Bond and 6 Telstra LTE - 4G data connections.


Teradek Sputnik Dashboard Teradek Sputnik Dashboard


Red Bull Media House specified a transmission of 720p, 3.5 Mbps video, 192 Kbps audio RMTP from the remote location to Accenture in New Jersey, USA. Accenture transcoded to multiple sizes, rates and formats to ensure pristine distribution to Apple TV, Google ChromeCast, Roku, Desktops, Laptops, iOS, Android and Windows phones.

Coupled with the Sierra Wireless 320U USB modems and a high gain LTE - 4G antennae to transmit the signal almost 4 klm into Botany, La Perouse and beyond, we transmitted a perfect HD signal, uninterrupted for over 5hrs.


Akamai Monitor Dashboard
Akamai Monitor Dashboard


If you are a producer and require an enterprise grade bonded cellular streaming transmitter, you can't go past the Teradek Bond for performance and reliability.

If you need to live video stream and can't rely on the venues upload speeds (99.9% of Australian upload speeds are inadequate for quality streaming) we have several options to choose from.

View Red Bull Cape Fear stream

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