Pollicast HDMI to USB3 Capture device

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of the Pollicast HDMI to USB3 Capture unit to our product range, complementing the Magewell USB Capture - HDMI. With both units offering the same functionality of capturing video from an HDMI camera into a computer - perfect for streaming to Facebook Live.

We carry one of these in our kits (as well as numerous other gear such as the Livestream HD550 and Livestream Surface GO) for webcasting jobs we do for our clients. It is super easy to use and provides a super affordable way to capture video from your HDMI camera and into your computer - the beauty of the Pollicast is that it doesn't require any installation of drivers and will work with most software across Mac and PC. If you have a need to live video stream content over the internet then the Pollicast is a great option for you allowing you to stream to Skype, Facebook Live, YouTube LIve, Livestream, Dacast and many more.

Priced at just $350 you will not regret adding the Pollicast to your repertoire. 

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