new video player screenshot

Livestream today released its new embeddable player. The player has many important new features including a complete re-design. Importantly, the new embedded player only affects the live player embed and not the 'Full Event page'. The imminent release of the new Livestream Studio Software for the Livestream Studio HD51, HD500, HD510 and HD1710 will enhance the overall usability of the platform.

Video Replays

Now there is no need to swap out the player embed after your event! With the new player, your viewers can watch video posts directly from the embedded player.

Get Notified

With the new “Get Notified” button, visitors can now follow your account on Livestream or add the event to their calendar from within the player embed itself.


  • Branded: The player background takes images from your event to bring more personality to viewers watching across the web. That, combined with the event poster, title, and date/time, give viewers all the information they need.
  • Clean: We’ve removed all the fluff, opened up the layout, and kept only the elements that are required to make for a much cleaner player.
  • Responsive: The player has been designed to be fully responsive so you can embed your player at any size.
  • Animated: All transitions between player states are animated to give the user a much smoother experience


  • Mobile Friendly: When you embed the player on your website you can trust that whether your viewers are watching from their desktop computer or a mobile browser, they are seeing the best quality video possible.
  • Cutting Edge: Using the latest in HTML, CSS and Javascript the new pre-live and post-live states of the player have been built from the ground up to give your viewers the best experience possible.
  • Progressive: Rest assured that all your viewers will receive the full functionality of the Livestream Player; full functionality is available on older browsers while newer browsers get an advanced experience.