Mevo camera side by side with a live event

The Mevo by Livestream is coming to Australia and we will be amongst the first to get stock. Stock will be shipping from 5th December so if you are keen get your order in quick as stock is limited.

The Mevo is this awesome little (don't be fooled by the word' little' though) 4K camera that can stream to both Facbeook Live and Livestream simultaneously as well as recording to a micro SD card. The iOS app allows for editing on the go - you can set up your Mevo in front of a band and be at the back or side of the room and be editing like a professional with cropping, panning and zooming facilities all at your fingertips. See more below with the unboxing of the Mevo by the Livestream crew.

You can order yours online now - get in early so we can ship them out as soon as they arrive!

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