Livestream Studio HD500 with keyboard and mouse

I don’t usually try and push products on my clients, but this is too good to miss - $17,176 value for $9871 including GST!

Livestream have announced some amazing specials at the 2014 NAB in Las Vegas and we think this amazing offer will kick live production and streaming into top gear.

The offer includes the fully self contained fly away Livestream Studio HD500 (streams to any CDN) and an Annual Livestream Platform Premium plan.

The HD500 is truly amazing and rock solid. It comes in a carry bag and fits in overhead luggage on aircraft. Its what we use and we love the unit.

The Livestream Premium platform is fantastic. You can stream until the cows come home and never fear over usage fees for a successful event. You can embed the player in any website and features VOD, instant replay, pause, chat etc.

The offer runs out 31st of May and I would appreciate a heads up if anyone intends on purchasing before the 31st of May.

Also, we anticipate a rush on this offer, so first in, best dressed.

Last week, the total cost for the HD500 switcher and the Premium account was $17,176. This week, and until 31st of May, you get both for $9,871 including GST. It also includes local support and 12 months warranty.

Livestream Studio HD500

  • Self contained including HD screen
  • 5 Camera inputs
  • Graphics channels
  • Instant replays
  • Record ISO, Program - clean or dirty
  • Video and TVC bins
  • Output to monitors
  • Streams to any CDN including Livestream, YouTube Live, Wowza, Flash etc.

Annual Livestream Platform Premium

  • Unlimited HD streaming
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Ad Free
  • Embed code for any website
  • Analytics
LivestreamProduction switcher