LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn have announced that they too are joining the world of live video streaming, albeit in a very limited capacity to begin with but nevertheless it is coming and we are excited!

LinkedIn Live has currently launched in beta only in the US and only by invitation at this stage but we expect it to be released for use on their platform by all in the not too distant future (fingers crossed).

LinkedIn Live will be a very different beast from Facebook Live and YouTube Live due to LinkedIn's much more professional standards so you definitely want to make sure your production value is of the highest quality. You need to consider the following when creating your live video content:

  • Visuals
    • Cameras - you probably want to consider multiple camera angles to make your video more engaging and professional. You will need a production switcher if you want the ability to switch between multiple camera angles and/or visuals.
    • Additional graphics such as holding slides, powerpoint slides, lower thirds, bugs, etc. You will need software to be able to input additional graphics such as Livestream Studio, vMix, Wirecast or OBS, which is a free live streaming software
  • Lighting
    • Make sure your set is well lit and evenly lit.
  • Audio
    • Use professional microphones so your viewers can easily hear you such as those from Sennheiser or BOYA.
  • Kits
    • If you're not sure where to start with putting together the equipment you need then take a look at some of our turn-key kits that will get you live streaming in no time. From the entry level Mevo kits to the professional multi-camera kits there is something available for everyone. If you would like some assistance putting together the perfect kit for your needs please reach out, we are here to help.
  • Production
    • If all of this seems out of reach then never fear we have you covered as well with our Production Services. We come and set up our gear and produce a professional live video stream without you having to worry about a thing.

We will be sure to keep you posted as soon as this feature is available within LinkedIn in Australia.

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