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What an exciting atmosphere to be a part of! Last night we had the privelege of producing the Facebook Live video showcasing the Tottenham Hotspurs players arriving at the MCG for their match against Juventus. The crowd were super pumped, the players were excited and we were excited to be there as no doubt Audi Australia would have been with over 120,000 views of their video on Facebook in under 24 hours.

Our live streaming kit included the Livestream HD550, Teradek Bolt Pro 300 Wireless Transmitter and our trusty Teradek Bond II Transmitter, these pieces are our go to equipment for such jobs and we never leave home with the HD550 and Teradek Bond II.

If you are interested in streaming live to Facebook yourself these are some of the options that we recommend otherwise we are available to come and produce events such as this one for your business.

Plus some Software options:

Facebook liveLivestream hd550Teradek bolt pro 300Teradek bond ii