Inogeni Share 2 device

The Inogeni Share 2 has hit the market in Australia and we are excited! This little beauty allows you to embed 2 video inputs (HDMI, VGA or CVBS) and output via USB 3.0 into one single stream. The Mixer allows you to switch between the two videos or use one of the three mixer options (see below)


Inogeni Share 2 Mixer Options


This Mixer feature can be a valuable asset if your application only supports one video interface such as Skype or GoToMeeting etc. Removing the video conversion from your computer reduces the burden on your hardware and saves expasion slots and connections to your computer.


Inogeni Share 2 connections Diagram


You can control the video mixing either manually using the keypad on the Inogei Share 2 itself or remotely by using the Inogeni app. The unit Retails for $2,114 but we are offering it for the special price of $1,999 for a limited time!

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