Facebook Workplace Now Supports Live Video Streaming

Facebook Workplace is now supporting live video streams which means companies can use Workplace to communicate directly with their staff using live video. We at The Streaming Guys had some tricky workaround to get professional video into Facebook Workplace however this update means it is a whole lot more practical and reliable and hence more affordable for companies to produce professional live videos.

The power of live video webcasts is amazing and if you haven't tried it yet you defintely should! The increased engagement you will get from live video will knock your socks off!

We can assist with everything from helping you getting up and running to run live video streams on your own to producing professional live webcasts for your staff and clients. You can chek out some of our handywork on our Portfolio page.

Some of the gear that will help you go live to Facebook Workplace include:

Teradek Vidiu and Vidiu Pro
vMix Software
Wirecast Software
Livestrea Studio Software
Livestream Studio HD550

If you want to learn more about streaming live to Facebook Workplace or to the wider Facebook world then please get in touch with us here at The Streaming Guys by sending us an email info@thestreamingguys.com.au

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