BirdDog NAB 2023 Announcements

BirdDog announced several exciting new products and updates at the NAB Show 2023. These new products and updates will revolutionise the video production industry by delivering unprecedented flexibility, freedom, and performance. If you didn't get a chance to see the new products in action, be sure to check them out below.

BirdDog X120 Best of Show

X120 Wins Best of Show

The World’s First NDI HX3 Wi-Fi Production PTZ, delivering unprecedented flexibility and freedom like never before. No video cables needed. The BirdDog X120 packs an amazing Sony Exmor R image broadcast sensor to deliver fantastic low light capabilities and incredible picture performance. In true BirdDog style, there is an OLED display to show the IP address, 360° mohawk tally, filter thread, and free auto-tracking and colour shading via Cam Control.

BirdDog NDI PTZ Control

NDI PTZ Control

NDI PTZ Control is the ultimate iOS app with support for all NDI® PTZ regardless of manufacturer. Featuring full Pan, Tilt, Zoom control including a live joystick, and save and recall pre-set PTZ positions. The inbuilt viewing monitor allows viewing of any NDI®, NDI® HX2, and NDI® HX3 source in full screen.

BirdDog NDI TV Monitor

NDI TV Monitor

NDI TV Monitor is an app that turns your Android enabled TV into an NDI Monitor. Use your remote to browse NDI sources which appear automatically on your TV equipped with Android directly, or via Chromecast with Google TV device. NDI TV Monitor is free to receive and view direct BirdDog sources, with in-app purchase options for other NDI sources.

BirdDog Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager makes life easy for managing, monitoring, and updating BirdDog deployments. Each BirdDog device shows up automatically inside Fleet Manager giving instant access to all relevant device information including Status, IP Address, Subnet, Device Name, Stream Name, Serial Number, Firmware Version, MCU Version for PTZ cameras, and more.

BirdDog Silicon

Silicon 2 Update

Silicon 2 for cameras is now available as a free update for all BirdDog P series and A series HD cameras, including P100, P110, P120, PF120, P200, P240, A200 Gen 2, and A300 Gen 2. Silicon 2 adds h.264, NDI®|HX2, NDI®|HX3, SRT, RTMP, RTSP.

Central 2.0 Enterprise

Central 2.0 Enterprise ushers in a new era of NDI® routing control. Browser-based with SSO support, smart grouping of NDI® receivers, real-time NDI® routing, media playback engine, and support for thousands of sources, Central 2.0 is your ultimate NDI® management tool.

BirdDog Cloud

Cloud 3.0 & Cloud Connect Update

Enhanced user layout for easier and more intuitive selection of sources, direct integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Camera return has also had an update providing clearer images and more camera control.

BirdDog 5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty Update

BirdDog P-series and X-series purchased on, or after March 1st 2023, now come with a 5 year, global warranty. This includes, but is not limited to P100, P110, P120, PF120, P200, P240, P400, P4K, and the all new X120 camera announced at NAB 2023. BirdDog prides itself on delivering the best possible products to customers, but if something was to go wrong, you can rest assured knowing that no matter where in the world you are, BirdDog has your back.

BirdDog Play New Firmware Update

In a major update to BirdDog PLAY, users can now connect PLAY directly to BirdDog Cloud and use PLAY to browse and receive Cloud sources from anywhere in the world, without the need for any computers. SRT receiving is also included in this free update.

VideoWall Shipping Now

Complex Video Walls Made Easy. VideoWall is simple, yet powerful, way to display NDI® and NDI® HX video files across multiple screens to create video walls. Simply choose either a 2×2 or 3×3 screen layout, assign your PLAY or SDM to each screen, and choose the NDI® stream.

PTZ Battery Mount

With the optional PTZ Battery Mount, X120 can be powered by a V-Lock battery and becomes a truly wireless solution.

For any of your BirdDog needs, be sure to check it all out on The Streaming Guys website!

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