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For some time, the Teradek Vidiu Pro and the Teradek Cube 605 and Cube 655 have come with an incredible professional streaming feature that allows owners to Bond their iOS devices and ensure the show goes out under the most demanding conditions. Often a venue may have thousands of people all using the 4G network or your mobile provider has poor reception but the other mobile phone networks have plenty of reception. With the Teradek Sharepoint system, you can easily connect to up to 4 iOS devices with 4G connectivity and bond the 4 connections to get a reliable high speed data pipe out to your audience. You can even add a USB modem and ethernet connections to leverage 6 connections!

The Sharepoint system has now been upgraded to give Australian and New Zealand customers a local publish point in Australia. This new publish point is the most important upgrade to the system as previously the data had to go all the way to Los Angeles, be re-aggregated and sent all the way back.

The Streaming Guys now recommend the Teradek Vidiu Pro and Teradek Cube 605 and 655 as the professional choice for streaming in Australia. The Teradek Bond II still remains the flagship Bonded Streaming system with many more features and network capabilities.

The Streaming Guys stock the Teradek Vidiu Pro and require a lead time of around 10 days for the Teradek Cube and Teradek Bond

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