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RTMP Miniserver Permanent
RTMP MiniServer
RTMP MiniServer
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RTMP Miniserver - Permanent License

  • Vendor: Garanin Apps
  • Product Type: Software

RTMP MiniServer for NewTek NDI allows users to accept RTMP-streams and converts to NDI for usage into production workflow.


Easy and simple. Available for Windows and macOS

MiniServer is an easy for use desktop app.

Supports Internet and Intranet usage

You can use it without Internet.

Supports 4 input/output streams simultaneously

Can take 4 RTMP streams and convert to NDI streams.

Flexible latency buffer control

You can setup Start and Max buffer.

Compatible with video production software

You can generate content by vMix, OBS, Wirecast etc.

Permanent License

  • Free updates
  • Support by email,
  • Facebook private group
  • Applied to 2 hosts (PC or Mac)