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Telestream - Wirecast Gear - 310
Telestream - Wirecast Gear - 310 Rear
Telestream - Wirecast Gear - 310 Station
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Telestream - Wirecast Gear - 420

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  • Vendor: Telestream
  • Product Type: Production Switchers

Live video production simplified!

Wirecast Gear gives you an easy to use, fully configured live video streaming production system. Because we’ve already done all the work, there is no need to build your own system! Start streaming in minutes with an end-to-end system configured specifically for your needs. With Wirecast Pro included alongside Gear's custom-designed hardware, it's a live event production switcher, live news production system, Facebook Live switcher and YouTube Live switcher - all in one box.

Each model of Wirecast Gear comes with Xeon Server Architecture, up to five HD-SDI or HDMI professional camera inputs and all the live video streaming production features of Wirecast Pro, the Stock Media Library*, NewBlue Titler Live Complete, and Switch Pro, all in a compact, powerful hardware system.

Wirecast Gear offers a unique blend of performance, ease of use and affordability. Just plug in your cameras and start producing and streaming your professional events with the industry-leading turnkey video production system.

*with an active Wirecast support subscription


With a durable and portable rack mounted design, Wirecast Gear is the perfect hardware for your permanent studio or for use on location. HDMI or SDI inputs, server grade components and industry leading XLR/TRS combo audio inputs make ingesting media into your Wirecast Gear unit both reliable and easy.


With Wirecast Pro, the integrated Stock Media Library*, Switch Player and NewBlue Titler Live Complete preloaded into all Gear 2 units, producing your live streams has never been more professional, polished or powerful. Create beautiful titles, draw from over 500,000+ unique media assets, and pull it all together with Wirecast Pro to create the perfect broadcast for your viewers, no matter the destination.

*with an active Wirecast support subscription


Encoding live streams can take a toll on a computer’s CPU, but not on Wirecast Gear. With hardware accelerated encoding, Xeon server architecture, a dedicated NVIDIA QUADRO graphics card*, multiple simultaneous encodes and 3rd party thermal testing, Wirecast Gear is ready for even the most demanding broadcasting schedules and workflows.

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FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS Wirecast Gear 310 Wirecast Gear 320 Wirecast Gear 420
Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or RTMP Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Live Social Media Comments Yes Yes Yes
NDI Input/Output Yes Yes Yes
Animated 3D Graphics and Titles Yes Yes Yes
Social media live comment creation (Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter) Yes Yes Yes
Live sports, data feed, custom clocks, scoreboards, templates Yes Yes Yes
Integrated Hardware Encoders 1 1 4
HDMI inputs 4 - -
HD-SDI inputs - 4 5
Baseband SDI output - - Yes
Graphics Card Intel® UHD Graphics Intel® UHD Graphics NVIDIA Quadro®
Chassis (16.7” x 12” x 3.5”) 2RU Chassis, with convertible configuration for standard 19” rackmount or set-top box with feet included
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise IoT LTSC 64-bit
I/O Configuration 4 HDMI ports(Gear Capture) 4 SDI ports(Gear Capture) 5 SDI ports(Gear Capture + Blackmagic)
Storage (in addition to system drive) 1 TB (~20 hrs of HD video)
Live video streaming production software Telestream Wirecast Pro
Titling software for creating rich, animated title designs NewBlue Titler Live Complete
Media utility software to play, inspect and make corrections to video Telestream Switch 4
Specifications correct at time of publication